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By Ben

I wanted to talk a bit about what I’m listening to on the radio in Calgary. I realized however, that would be a very short list.

I’ve recently reduced my listening to two stations of a communal source. The CBC’s Radio One at 1010 AM and for a more musical fix I’ve found myself stationed at 102.1 FM, which in Calgary provides me with CBC Radio 2. That’s right, I one day aspire to be a an older man with a beard and cardigan, sitting in a warmly lit apartment while sipping wine and savouring my own delicious pretense. Not a word of a lie, that’s my dream.

So where does that leave us as far as this article goes? Why it leaves us an opportunity to discuss why I hate a lot of the other FM offerings in Calgary. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it?

First up. My current hate on rages most fiercely for the station dubbed “x”. As in brand “x” or “so bad we didn’t even bother to name this shit”. And we all know what happens when you use brand “x”, you’re inevitably unhappy. Calgary as a city, has a hard time overcoming the less then flattering idea that it is a hick city. A place for the red necks to cultivate and procreate. That’s not the Calgary I want, and less and less is it the Calgary I see. So why do we have a radio station, such as X that has a majority of personalities that consistently convey crass, bigoted, immature and narrow opinions? I don’t want to listen to a station that is homophobic, misogynistic and and critical of people trying to make post changes in the environment and in the city. These are not the type of people I want to listen to, nor are they the type of people I want representing my city.

Other stations have not received my attention for quite some time, and so I have a much less developed hatred for them and the radio personalities they offer. CJAY 92’s Gerry Forbes is enough of a reason to avoid that station, he’s the epitome of a relic left over from some barbaric time. He’s everything wrong with x92.9 in one man. The music isn’t really my style on the whole either. Vibe and Amp are your typical clone top 40 radio stations. Not my fare. Jack and 97.7 occasionally play songs I don’t hate, but I find I’m having to turn the dial way too often. Lite 96? Not if I want to feel young. How are Don, Joanne & Coach even still alive?

As for the other stations I’ve not mentioned, it’s because they really haven’t even hit the radar for me.

So there you have it. My angered, cynical and mostly correct take on the Calgary radio scene and why I don’t love it.

But now I have to go, Schubert, my sweater and sense of superiority beckon.


An addendum: It was quickly brought to my attention that I had overlooked Calgary’s premiere university radio station, CJSW. A station that has been on the FM dial for over 20 years. In all honesty, I’ve never found myself listening to the station on a regular basis, however when I do, it normally has some flavours of music that suit my tastes. It is more than worth a try and can be found at 90.9 on your radio or online at CJSW dot com.

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