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Two Scoops" translates into one win

Two Scoops” translates into one win for Toronto-based agency Reason Partners.

The cheery-sounding song, created by president Peter Holmes with input from co-creative director Robert McDougall (when the agency was still called Holmes and Lee), won Best Original Song in a Commercial Advertisement at the 2009 Hollywood Music in Media Awards on Nov. 19.

Performed by Canadian musician Michelle Harding, the song was used last year in a 30-second spot for Credit Canada called “Eviction Notice,” which features a woman on a shopping spree.

Both Holmes and Harding were on hand to receive the award. The song beat out Michelle Branch’s submission for Chase Bank.

The song received considerable response from viewers who inquired about downloading the song via posts on YouTube, blogs, and via e-mail, said Holmes.

The agency therefore decided to cut a full-length radio version, which it promoted online through MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Music Xray and music-focused blogs.

Holmes said the spot has translated into success for the Credit Canada brand. “Wherever the song has gone, the ad has gone with it,” he said.

The commercial is posted on Harding’s MySpace page, along with the full-length version of the song. Last September, her page received as many as 125,000 hits per day, according to figures from Trendrr.

Universal Music acquired the Canadian distribution rights at the beginning of the summer, and along with Harding, created a full-length music video. The song has also received airplay on top-40 stations, said Holmes.

The song has so far received media coverage on CBC and in BBC’s Focus magazine, the Huffington Post and British online music magazine Strummer.

“It’s an interesting story,” he said. “It’s not often an original song is written for a commercial.”

Holmes is currently negotiating with “major music labels” in the U.S. and abroad.

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