The Stuph File Program

The Stuph File Program: One Year In The Making

So here I am one year later. A year later from what you say? A year removed from being removed from radio.

After hosting a talk radio show for 20 years it came to an end in August 2009, as I and several other broadcasters were shown to the curb.

But as I’ve always said, “they can take away my frequency, but they can’t take away my show.”

So I embarked on putting together a weekly one hour version of the nightly three hour talk show that I did and, like the proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes, The Stuph File Program was born.

What is The Stuph File? Well, as the blurb on my site expresses, it’s “an eclectic collection of interviews and odd news designed to entertain.”

The show has grown from its humble beginnings of a year ago. Now it’s heard on and also on two small stations, World FM in New Zealand and Gold 90.5fm in Singapore, plus it’s available on my blog, website and as a subscription on iTunes, and now here on Airchecker. All tolled it pulls in about 150,000 listeners a week. And starting in September it will also be heard on Taiwan’s national carrier China Airlines in-flight entertainment system for long haul Dynasty flights.

How big can it grow and more importantly does it have the capacity to earn money? Time will tell. But I can say this. It’s a hell of a lot of fun to do and I still manage to get great guests (and I do manage to still pay my bills by moonlighting as a local television news anchor).

So I hope you’ll listen to this week’s show (#0052) and perhaps that will entice you to swing back and listen to the preceding editions. They’re all archived for your listening pleasure on my site. On this edition you’ll hear:

  • Dennis Palumbo, author Mirror Image
  • Flight Attendant Betty, author, Betty In The Sky With A Suitcase
  • Stuart Nulman, Book Banter

I hope you’ll enjoy it and I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’d also love to hear from other broadcasters who are, or are thinking about branching out into the world of new media. Perhaps together as a community, we can all help one another (I’ll just stop now before I start to sing “Kumbaya”).

So just sit back and enjoy listening to The Stuph File.

Peter Anthony Holder
Host: The Stuph File Program

Airchecker Canada

By Peter Anthony Holder

35-year broadcast veteran of radio & television.

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