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Radio Station Could Make Home In Barriere
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Steve Shannon has a dream; and if everything falls into place over the next few months Shannon will soon be able to realize his dream – to retire into a small friendly community and to have a radio station within that community.

“I’m living my dream at this point,” Shannon told this reporter last week as he announced his intention to establish his dream within the community of Barriere. “I started thinking about this in 1969, and two or three years ago I fell in love with Barriere; so when I relocated to B.C. I decided on Barriere because I like the town, and I like everything about it.

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  1. When I learned of Stephen Guay AKA Steve Shannon was interested in training students for his radio school I contacted the Montreal Police. He has quite a reputation here in Montreal. I attended his radio school in the 70’s for one class. “inside Radio.” He is one sick man. He does have a crimminal record. He has moved around the country for a reason. If anyone has been assaulted by him in the past it is never too late to report him.

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  3. Be warned. Steve Shannon (real name Stephen Guay) has sold his radio station and is apparently heading east. Beware! This guy has a history and a criminal record. Not sure if he will try and open up a radio station or school, but if he does I recommend keeping young people away from him.

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