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More than country artists come out of Alberta!

This week on The Candice Rock Blog I am featuring a few artists from Alberta. With the upcoming election and all I thought you could use a little break. Colleen Brown is from Edmonton but currently resides in Toronto. She has the most unique voice I think I have ever heard and I was super excited when she said she wanted to cover Heart’s Barracuda for a Classic Rock Indie Invasion Session on I never thought it would sound like this! Love it.

Eamon McGrath is also from Edmonton and making serious noise here in Toronto. He just released the album Young Canadians with Whitewhale Records. I love the raw, rough, grumbly voice he has. And finally Bigger Fish Than Guns out of Calgary. They recently won $25000 from X92.9 in Calgary and have been playing their butts off ever since. Kevin Dorin was in Toronto for Canada Music Week and I have to admit, I was impressed with his performance on day 5 of CMW. The whole week is bands, bars, drinks and socializing. After 5 days straight I thought he would be exhausted but his passion for what he does perservered and he blew me away with this tune.

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