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Radio School was so embarrassing!

There are a bunch of “Radio Adventures” on my website We all had to work our way up these are my stories. I even DJ’d for strippers at one point. My first job was in The Pas MB and this is the broadcasting school demo that got me in the biz.

Many of you are probably familiar with Western Academy Broadcasting College in Saskatoon. Do you remember those awful commercial beds?

I also took the TV course at WABC. Check out those bangs!

We did have some fun doing fake late night talk shows and stuff. Sadly this day did not go as planned when one of the guys in my class decided to tell me I was “chunky” while taping.

Well, I think I have embarrassed myself enough for one day. So send me your old radio demo’s and let me embarrass you on Airchecker. Email your mp3 to and I will post them on a future blog. Radio is fun times!

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