The Beat 94.5 – Radio Imaging

Bobby Ash here…I am a dial slut, I go from station to station sampling the sounds, listening for the things that the average listener ignores. I am listening to see if the station is running a tight ship. Are they mixing well? Are they giving their legal call sign frequently? Are they doing a decent job of self-sales? Are commercial breaks even? Are the jocks making good use of the standard tools? Are they engaging the listener? Does the station sound good? Processor set to 11? Modulation and multipath acceptable? Engineers awake?

Occasionally, late at night, I will pick apart the automation systems and be critical…In this case I stumbled across CFBT-FM (The Beat 94.5) and noticed that they were imaging on EVERY track, into AND out of every ad break. That inspired me to set up the reel-to-reel and record this.

Cart 1 on the YouTube Cart Deck

Cheers – Bobby Ash

Airchecker Canada

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