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He is called The Boss for a reason

To date there have been more than 30 Classic Rock Indie Invasion Sessions on A couple classic rock artists keep popping up. Last week I posted bands that are crazy about Neil Young. This week it’s The Boss. Who doesn’t love Bruce Springsteen?

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald is from Calgary. He was in Toronto for Canada Music Week and we had a lot of fun with his session. This is a great cover of Fire.

HOTKID are a punk duo out of Toronto. Check out the rest of their session here.

This is The Autumn Portrait out of Calgary. These guys came in at the end of CMW so Freddie’s voice is a little on the raspy side after 5 days of concerts, clinics and networking. Check out their session here.

Should I do The Beatles or Tom Petty next week? Twitter or Facebook me.

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