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Scott Tucker Resigns From Mornings | FM 96 London’s Best Rock
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Scott Tucker Of Tucker & Taz in the Morning On FM 96. London’s Number One Morning Show has resigned. Last day Friday.
Airchecker Canada

  1. He will be missed. Hopefully someone in that market is smart enough to pick him up. He’s the best part of radio in London.

  2. quite frankly, I agree. I like Taz and Kelly I guess, but Tucker really made that show. I hope that he finds a spot on one of the other London radio stations.

  3. The show was getting old and stale, maybe they should dump TAZ as well.

  4. One down one to go

  5. Okay Airchecker’s find out where he is going and report back.

  6. his wife more than likely cheated on him and now he is drowning himself in a bottle wearing only an untied robe.

  7. What’s wrong with sitting around and getting drunk by yourself wearing nothing but an untied robe!????

  8. Happened to listen to FM96 the other day and heard it was just “the tazz show” now.

    FM96 has a history of this type of mysterious departure. Previous to Kelly, there was another girl who hosted Tucker and Tazz and one day she also mysteriously disappeared. I believe she got a gig out west but there was no official word at all and of course no talk of it on air. Now Tucker mysteriously disappears under similar circumstances. Heaven forbid FM96 should respect its listeners enough to let them know what happens to the personalities they listen to on a daily or weekly basis.

    As for Tazz, nepotism has served him well. He’s lucky to be his fathers son.

  9. To the post’re talking about Sarah Kelly I believe, she did go out west to The Peg for a little bit and then off to Calgary.

    As for Tucker’s departure apparently it was not a nice one as Taz was heard when they announced Jim Kelly(personal friend of mine) as the newest member to the newest member of the morning show saying that he just up and left them without notice, etc. seems people there were not happy with the way he left and btw he’s not working in radio right now as he has to wait till his contract with FM96 expires before he can search for a new job.

  10. This thread is filled with ignorance.

    Tucker is a class act. He’ll be back in no time. He’s a better talent and person than most people in the operation that he left (on his own terms). How dare anyone attack his character or marriage.

  11. FM96 #LONDON Taz Show, Andrea Dunn is moving down the hall to Host the Morning Show 103.9 MORE FM with Matt Weaver. Congratulations DUNNER!

  12. Recruited into McAurther’s army?

    . . . just kidding 😉

  13. but it added to our exhaustion and our longing to be home, even if it meant having four little ones crawling all over us and returning to the noise and commotion (and messes!) of family life after a stretch of being “just us” again. london apartments

  14. Tazz is a jackass! Get rid of him

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