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Secret Broadcast wants to call you!

So this week Q107 Indie Invaders Secret Broadcast released a video saying they will call each and every person that buys their new EP. Here is the video.

They admit it will be time consuming but that is how much their fans mean to them. I had the pleasure of meeting Secret Broadcast while working at X92.9 in Calgary. They moved about a year before I did so it was only fitting that I got them in for a Q107 Classic Rock Indie Invasion Session. They did a wicked version of U2’s I Will Follow.

Along with an acoustic version of the new single Ray Gun.

Check out the interview here.

In this day and age it is getting harder and harder for bands to come up with creative ways to get their name out there. So kudo’s to Secret Broadcast! I have no doubt they will call each and every one of you.  For more on The Candice Rock Blog. Follow me on twitter and facebook.

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