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When we were kids me and my sister tried to imagine life before TV. What did you do? You know, the implication–hmm, life really must have been dull back then, never mind being ‘black and white’. Little did I know that people did have something to draw their attention and keep their eyes and imagination focused–the radio. Not just the sound coming out of it, but also the physical radio. You might focus on the speaker area or the lighted dial as you listened. Radio was the electronic home medium for people for decades, even into the 1950′s. Very few people had TV’s at the start of that decade and still had a floor model in the home. There’s a photo of my dad holding me as a baby with one of those big old radios, which sound pretty good, by the way. Of course, by the end of that decade, the radio was gone to be replaced as the central entertainment source by a big, boxy TV.

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