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Sean Burke Fired From Mornings @ CISN Country 103 Edmonton

Airchecker reports at 9:00am this morning radio vet of 16 years Sean Burke was fired from mornings @ Edmonton’s CISN Country 103. Burke made headlines in September when he jumped on his Segway for a 23 hour ride from Edmonton to the CCMA awards in Saskatoon.

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40 replies on “Sean Burke Fired From Mornings @ CISN Country 103 Edmonton”

No Sean Burke? No more CISN. Why would I want to listenn to Chris- Snorzeville-Sheetz and Tracy So-Irrelevant-I-can’t-even-be-bothered-to-learn-her-name?

Can someone please tell us WHY he was fired??? We really miss him, he was hillarious adn the show just is NOT the same!!!

Thanks so much for the support guys! I appreciate it! Fired, different direction, all the same to me. For the time being, I’ll be enjoying this extra time with my family! After 20 years in the biz, 15 doing mornings, it’s nice sleeping in for a change. I’ll be back somewhere soon. Who knows, maybe I’ll be on the other end of the speaker when you order your morning coffee!


I really am upset that they let you go I have deleted anything and everything that had anything to do with cisn that station is no longer in my vocabulary ! I hope you will let us know what you are up to ! Miss you sincerely candy πŸ™‚

Well, I have to admit, I can’t imagine why they would have left Chris and the lady that I don’t know her name. They would have been better off to keep Sean and let the other’s go. He made the morning show and they just lost 2 listeners.

Like others, CISN is not on my radio dail anymore. Chris and Jac do an adequate job but I think that alot of us could relate more to Burkee and his “badboy” image. I sure hope he lights up the airwaves somewhere soon!!

WOW! Thanks so much! I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, I know that. What I always wanted to be was REAL. I see the strange in life, stuff that people think about when nudged a little. I’ll be back, doing what I do, hopefully sooner rather than later. The Edmonton market doesn’t have much moven’t right now. So…I’ll be spending this spare time with my kids! Thanks again for your support, my family and I appreciate it! -Burkee

Sean…. You Mike and Dave… Sounds like a team in the making…. Yes you are strange but you have finally returned to the Burkee we know and love, now get out there…. Tannis

Still haven’t listened since you’ve been gone. No slight against Jac, but, just can’t do it. No Sean, No Mike, no CISN! Now go get a job so you can buy me that beer you owe me…TS

Listening to Big West Country out of Drayton Valley at work on the computer. Capital FM in the car. No Burkee, no CISN. Love your personality Sean…you’ll be ok and by the looks of it, wherever you land your fans will follow!

I too miss you Sean like everyone else is saying Cisn is not the same with out you. πŸ™ I do hope that you will be back soon. Please Burke family share him again. But until u are on air again I can keep up with your going ons on facebook. not the same but will have to do till there is a REAL radio staition that has Sean Burke on it again.

I have to agree when I turn the dial in the morning there is no station that compared to the morning show with Sean… No more mexican humor(just got back from Mexico that’s what reminded me) miss the accents and the Johnny Reid impersonations…(he’s one of my favorite artists… Sean a cool second… hopefully you do hit the airwaves very very soon we miss you very much and radio isn’t the same without you… there is a little bit of Country Sean Style missing… just sayin… be back soon but enjoy your much deserved family time.

I’ve listened to cisn a few times since you left…. absolutely hated it. You had the most amazing voices ever! hehe I can’t wait to hear you on the radio again and I’m hoping its soon! Hang tough till you get back on though :)))) <3

I have only listened to the morning show for about 10 minutes since Sean has left. I miss his Mexico voice. I think Chris and Jack are good hosts, but they all clicked together and just made my mornings enjoyable. It just seems weird to not have Sean cracking jokes between songs. Sean has hosted the morning show since I was born and it’s never going to be the same until he is back.

I think CISN has lost their laugh factor since Sean has been gone.
Everybody needs to laugh, it’s a great way to start the day!

The BEST day in CISN history was when they punted that useless idiot off of the show. Should have done it years ago. He is the most rude and ignorant thing i ever heard. Thats not a Radio personality thats just useless crap

The morning show isn’t the same without you Sean. Loved your humour … you made the show. Majorly sucks that you’re gone. A BIG loss for CISN!!!

Miss you Sean. I used to smile all the way to work on the morning drive. Now it’s just plain boring. I now switch between CISN & NOW – whoever happens to be playing the best music at the moment. Couldn’t be bothered to listen to CISN’s boring conversations. Janet

Thanks so much Janet and Anonymous poster! Definitely enjoying my time off, but my radio itch has turned into a full blown rash! I’ll be back…

Out of the country and I come back and there is no Sean on CISN. Like they say “taking your hand out of a bucket of water” swoosh, no reference, vanished, gone, like he never existed. Weird, Bro., very weird. What happened to Hoseway? They probably axed that guy too, just because he joked around with Sean. Don’t like it one bit. Next thing Pocklington will trade Gretzky to L.A. What is with these people?

Wow, thanks so much Ron and the anonymous poster prior! I LOVE that former listeners are finding this INDUSTRY site to voice their opinions on my dismissal. Taking time out of your schedules to message me means the world to me! FYI, Ho-sway was sent home! Like I’ve said to many, this change has been a blessing. I’m happy now. I hadn’t truely been happy since Bowie left. I continue to enjoy my extra time with my family and hope to return to the airwaves one day! Where or when….WHO KNOWS!

I’m all the way out in Labrador. For some reason we’ve always gotten CISN FM. Because of Sean Burke I became a country fan. I would listen to CISN just for Burkee. Now I’m a country fan, and Sean Burke is gone. It’s too bad. But you’ll be working as soon as you want to be. Cheers Sean Burke. You’re missed, buddy

Couldn’t agree more with your comment Airchecker! And Mike, used to love chatting with our East Coast listeners! Thanks so much for the kinds words. I hope to be back someday…but man, this sitting at home doing nothing all day is quite nice! -Burkee

I find myself turning the radio off more often since CISN has made their changes. Maybe they should just go to music and commercials only.

For 9 years I listened to cisn while I drove 30 minutes to work each morning. Sean gave that time great fun. He was willing to do the ‘mcdonald’ on site, and many other fun things to start us laughing for the day. I know that many good empolyees are under appreciated by management who could not for an hour do what you do while you help us to smile, and maybe laugh, for a part of our day.
Thank you,Sean.

Hey PGR…

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your comments. I had a LOT of fun in there working with Bruce! He’s an amazing broadcaster and a great friend. That’s all I ever wanted to do, make you guys laugh! Glad I could do that for you! I’ll be back someday. Where or when?? Who knows!


Thanks Anonymous!!

It’s great to be back! We’ve got a great team here at The One! Call anytime…I’d love to hear from you!!

Was reading radio blogs looking up why certain on air hosts left and I came across this thread. Sean Burke was great and he offset Chris Sheets being so boring and PG. He’s actually gotten much worse. He needs to retire and let Matt Shine.

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