Someone sent me a list of things about people who work in radio and wanted to know if they were true or not.

I’ve read the list and in reply I am going to post the top 5 that are true…at least from my experience.

 About half of our wardrobe consist of free t-shirts. – That’s true. Mostly t-shirts from radio stations we have worked for but also t-shirts from charity events and other promotions.

Radio people get fired more often than any other industry. – True. Bad ratings, stations get sold, formats change.  However, it’s the one occupation where getting fired doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing.

Radio people are just strange. – Yes !

Radio people never look like we picture them. – True.  We usually look bigger, smaller, fatter, thinner, older, and/or younger than you thought.

Radio people have a high divorce rate. – True.  We tend to move around a lot from market to market.  But marriage’s of radio people are constantly tested by station groupies and other outside influences.

Those are just a few “strange” facts about radio people.

If you have any to add please feel free to e-mail them to me or post them in the COMMENTS section.

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