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What is the Q107 Classic Rock disCOVERy Series?

Sometimes people ask me why I started the Classic Rock disCOVERy Series. The answer is that I love promoting bands and luckily I am in a position to do so. Since I am not working at a station that normally promotes said bands, I had to find a way to work Q107 into the equation. Q107 is THE classic rock go to. The station is built on the foundation of rock. Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles…how can new music compete with that? The answer is that they don’t have to. Instead, new bands can pay homage to their favorite classic rockers.

In Toronto there are very few chances for bands to get exposure. There are also very few opportunities for listeners to find new music. Just because a band is not on the radio does not mean that they aren’t worth listening to. The music industry is tough…take Dan Mangan for example. He worked his butt for years. He applied for grants and got shot down, he played gigs for beer, and begged radio stations to put him on the air. You could have been listening to him all along.

The Classic Rock disCOVERy Series has turned into a community of bands that promote and support each other not just in Toronto but all over the country. It is so much fun to hear a Toronto band like The Balconies cover The Beatles or Vancouver’s Yukon Blonde sing Suite Judy Blue Eyes or Nova Scotia’s Joel Plaskett giving props to Bruce Springsteen. Sprinkled in between the bands you might already know are these little nuggets of awesome. A collection of bands that are just trying to make it in the industry. Here are a few of those bands.

The Damn Truth – Montreal

The Elwins – Toronto

Little Foot Long Foot – Toronto

Alert The Medic – Halifax

And now for some of the bands you have probably heard of.

Joel Plaskett singing a Bruce Springsteen tune

Yukon Blonde covers Crosby Stills Nash and Young

Zeus covers Big Star

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