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Tracy Johnson: This Is How to Hijack Local Topic


It’s my position that every personality should be able to talk about any topic. The key is the entry point, how they approach the topic through their character and within the audience’s expectation.

In Halifax, Nova Scotia, one of the local issues was the length of time the “walk” light would be on in pedestrian crosswalks. An initiative was introduced to add 3 seconds to the duration. Believe it or not, a political firestorm developed and this controversy became a topic that everyone was talking about.

Here’s a great example of a radio show capturing the moment in a local topic.

On CHR 101.3 The Bounce, the morning show normally wouldn’t deal with politics or really much of anything serious, but Turk, Rachel & Amateur Alex found an entry point that fit their character and show perfectly.

Their angle? What will we do with the extra time in the crosswalk? This video resulted:

It’s fun, light, and fits their personality like a glove. The show inserted their character into a local topic.h

This is an example of what it means to know your listener and be actively involved in the lifestyle of the audience, reflecting what’s relevant by making it relatable.



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