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Matt Cundill: Ira Haberman Is Passionate About Storytelling | 9 years Of How Digital Has Changed Radio
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Ira Haberman is passionate about storytelling, and the Grateful Dead. Put it together, and that’s a podcast. He has hosted the Sound Podcast since December, but its success has radio roots as he was working as creative director for Corus Entertainment’s Deep Sky in Toronto in 2003, and segued to digital content in 2008, right when it all began to happen.

We look back at the last 9 years of how digital has changed radio, what it has done right and wrong, and what the future looks like. If you are on the fence about your great idea – Ira will push you off it and get you going. (I think he actually gives you permission to do it)

If you want to contact Ira to work with your new podcast or get some social media help, he is on every platform known to the internet – and through the podcast website.

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At the beginning of the show, you heard part of the new single from Skye Holland called, “We Could Be”. Download it and bring it to your next music meeting.…a39f81bafce4f1d5

Also – please note the new address of our website – duh….

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