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Tyler & Lynch: Debut on 1027 The PEAK Vancouver Monday Morning Weekdays 6AM – 10AM
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This morning the debut of Tyler & Lynch on 1027 The PEAK.

Tyler & Lynch: Weekdays 6AM – 10AM

Tyler originally hails from Ontario, but don’t hold that against him. He’s spent the last few years travelling the country in pursuit of his radio career, most recently in Calgary where he teamed up with his radio life partner Lynch. When he’s not on the air you can usually find Tyler sipping a pretentious beer on a patio, or alone in his apartment watching Netflix. He looks remarkably like Ryan Gosling (don’t look at the picture, just believe us) and is incredibly good at mini putt. If there is one thing Tyler hates, it’s long walks on the beach. If there is one thing Tyler loves, it’s writing bio’s in the third person.

Lynch’s travels across Canada have been compared to the Littlest Hobo, well without saving people. He has lived across this great country of ours, and over the past 10 years had called Calgary home where he teamed up with who a lot of people think is his son, Tyler. When Lynch isn’t on air you can find him constantly searching for new music, golfing, snowboarding or enjoying a beer or 3, sometimes all of the above in an afternoon.

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