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Don, Joanne & Coach On XL 103, Are Hanging Up Their Headphones

Two members of Calgary’s most successful Morning Radio show, Don, Joanne & Coach on XL 103, are hanging up their headphones for good.

As December will mark 25 years of Don, Joanne & the Coach being on the air as a trio, it also seems fitting that their last show together will be the same month it all started. After their show on December 8th, Don Stevens and Joanne Johnson will be retiring. The pair announced their plans during the 23rd annual Golf-A-Kid to Camp golf tournament on Thursday, August 10th.

“I am honoured simply by being welcomed into the homes and lives of our listeners for so long. They have been so good to us and made us part of their routine,” said Don Stevens. “And their generosity has helped us do some amazing things.”

In their 23 years of Golf-A-Kid to Camp golf tournaments they have helped raise over three-million dollars towards the Kids Cancer Care, for many years they have helped keep Calgary’s food banks stocked with their annual Stuff-A-Bus campaign, and they have built up a long list of local and national awards for their work. The phrase “Don, Joanne & The Coach” has become synonymous with Calgary.

“While I’m excited to start this new chapter in my life, it won’t be easy to say goodbye to our amazing listeners,” said Joanne Johnson. “Over the years, on so many occasions, the people of Calgary have amazed me. Through booms and busts, floods and fires, this city always comes together. We’ve been so lucky to share in it.”

“Hey, what about me?” asked Coach. “I’m not retiring. I’m not nearly as old as them.”

With Don & Joanne both retiring, two very large pairs of shoes are left to be filled. Coach will have more to share on what will happen with the XL 103 Morning Show in the coming months, but for now is the time to remember the many great things that Don & Joanne have done for our city… before they start golfing even more.

Thank you Don & Joanne for 25 great years of waking up Canada’s greatest city!

2 replies on “Don, Joanne & Coach On XL 103, Are Hanging Up Their Headphones”

I have such mixed feelings that Joanne and Don are retiring. It has been such a pleasure to have listened to Don, Joanne and the coach for the past 20 years. Having said that all good things must come to an end and I wish for both of you the greatest next phase of your lives to come. Enjoy all the adventures awaiting you and you will both be missed in Calgary.

Having just retired a couple of years ago, I know how you are looking forward to your new life. While I will miss listening to you so much, I wish you many days of happiness. A number of years ago, we flew with you to Maui and had a blast. Now you can have those trips to where ever, whenever with your loved ones. Take care!

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