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Greetings it’s Airchecker. I’m pumped as I craft this post on Jeff Woods news. Today you will learn about the latest Jeff Woods project that has a real modern day campaign concept that involves ordinary folk who donate to a fund and in turn raise the the important dollars required to complete the “Radio, Records & Rockstars” audiobook project –  narrated by the man who lived the story — Jeff Woods. We will cover everything Jeff Woods today.

AC asked Jeff Woods to provide details on the man hours of production time it’s going to take him to complete the dream. AC will do a refresh on who Jeff Woods is.  Discus the Records and Rockstars syndicated radio show hosted by Jeff Woods heard in Canada and a special update now:

Jeff Woods is excited to announce  he has signed on a US affiliate to Records and Rockstars. KFXN 100.3 Rapid City, South Dakota aka 100.3 The Fox. So you know the series is currently seeking additional affiliate radio stations throughout Canada and the USA.. You can hear the show demo in a moment.

The most talked about Jeff Woods attribute is his voice. It has been heard on radio and television for decades. Jeff’s career continues to be about communication and he is known for sounding as though he’s speaking just to you, despite the fact that his reach has extended to a weekly audience exceeding one million listeners.

Beyond talking on the radio and television as a host or a guest, Jeff’s presence continues to extend to commercial voice-over and narration as well as to the stage as an emcee and speaker.

Jeff’s success also extends to media management as he has programmed several major market radio stations. A leading vintage rock authority, Woods has been at the center of conversation and context around music for 30+ years. Jeff has hosted radio programs and series, since 1983.  He was the creator and host of The Legends of Classic Rock, heard internationally over 14 seasons, by a million weekly listeners across Canada and around the world. His many one-on-one interviews include artists like The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Rush, Ozzy Osbourne, The Band, Pearl Jam,  Soundgarden, Santana & David Bowie.

Jeff’s current radio series “Records & Rockstars” complements his podcast of the same name, and his first work of non-fiction in print – the acclaimed book “Radio, Records & Rockstars”

Following in the successful and storied path of Jeff’s previous radio series The Legends of  Classic Rock, and as a spin-off of his acclaimed first book, the Records & Rockstars radio series takes you on a weekly journey, with daily features, celebrating the music and stories of everyone from the pillars of rock – to the legends that have followed..

 Have a listen to the demo directly below and you can get in touch directly with Jeff Woods at and with his syndication partners Momentum Media Marketing 220-196 West 3rd Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1E9 (604) 872-8900 ext. 300 You can also visit

As for the audio book,  it will feature about two dozen interviews/conversations with rock stars and Jeff plus his own life story, narrated naturally by Jeff Woods himself.
He doesn’t hold back about the  insanity that was him, trying to negotiate romance, business, pleasure in a life immersed in they golden years of radio and records.


THE FUNDS YOU DONATE,  will go towards paying for extensive work required for production of the audiobook.

Your support will make it all possible and  Jeff is grateful for your help.  25 dollars reserves your audiobook.  50 dollars – add a personalized author’s audio message.  100 dollars add a limited edition quality Records & Rockstars t-shirt. 


Please support Jeff Woods audiobook campaign on GoFundMe.

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