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TV Star Richard Harmon Strives to Complete Film Passion Project
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VANCOUVER, BC – After playing popular roles on television shows like The Killing and
 Continuum, Vancouver actor Richard Harmon hit his stride as love-to-hate fan favourite, John
 Murphy, in the Warner Bros. series The 100. Along with his recent TV success, Harmon has
 also been working on what he describes as his passion project: the upcoming feature film,

The brainchild of writer/director Jon Silverberg, Crypto is a psychological thriller, which follows
 drug-addicted photojournalist Jake (played by Harmon) who, after taking a job at a wilderness
 lodge, sets up a darkroom where the photos he develops begin to reveal unsettling apparitions
 of the future. Along with starring in the film, Harmon is also the Executive Producer.
 Harmon describes the project as, “a very dark film, mysterious, unsettling, but emotional. It’s
 kind of a Stephen King meets David Lynch-esque movie.”

The film was shot on Vancouver Island in February 2017, funded by family and friends, along
 with partnership from an Alberta production company. With competition from funding
 organizations at an all-time high, Harmon and the producers have turned to crowdfunding to
 raise the remaining funds necessary to complete and market the film.

“I’ve had such a dedicated crew behind me. Our biggest obstacles have not been passion nor
 teamwork but simply the lack of time and money,” said Silverberg. “On our limited budget, we
 only had 11 days to shoot, which was an extremely tight schedule for such a complex script.”
 Producer Andy Hodgson adds, “we need about $20,000 to finish the film and get it out to

international festivals, which, comparatively speaking, is a very small amount in a world of multi-
 million dollar movies.”

Harmon says, “indie filmmaking is tough. We either do it because we love it, or we’re legally
 insane – and on this project, it’s probably both.” Crypto is scheduled to be released in 2018
 through festivals and other distribution. The Indiegogo campaign is scheduled to commence on
 September 18, 2017.


Silverberg and Harmon are available for interviews pending shooting schedules. Please contact
 Dale Wolfe at or 604-617-6250 for further information or to schedule an

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