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2018 Burli Software Award at BCIT

Burli is pleased to sponsor BCIT‘s 2018 Burli Software Inc Award, given to Gurneet Samra. The Award is a recognition for novice journalists in training in BCIT’s Broadcast and Online Journalism Program, designed to help newcomers to our industry get established as they enter their chosen new field.

Gurneet has been one of the strongest students in her class throughout her entire time at BCIT. The Program Head, Connie Monk, had nothing but praise for her. “She was just delightful to have in class – good attitude and very professional. She was always very enthusiastic in radio, with strong skills using Burli”.

She was hired at Spice Radio before the end of her last term, and so was able to go on co-op to both have a job and finish earning her diploma at the same time. The word from Spice Radio is that Gurneet is hard working and keen with lots of initiative.

Congratulations Gurneet on a well deserved award, and good luck in the future!

By ChiChi Liu

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The system runs newsrooms of all sizes worldwide including many leading newsrooms in the largest broadcast markets. We provide cutting edge solutions that produces a massive increase in audiences.

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