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Peter Anthony Holder
The Stuph File Program – Episode #0489
The Stuph File Program 0

Welcome to the latest edition of the Stuph File Program.

For a program list of the items included and all their accompanying links in this one hour show, you can find the information on my website in the Stuph File Program section, or just follow this link to #0489.

To download the podcast, right click here and select “Save Link As”

Featured in this episode:

  • George Kourounis, storm chaser, adventurer & host
  • Phil Keoghan, host, Amazing Race & National Geographic Explorer
  • Etan Ilfeld, creator, Diving Chess
  • Brenda Cantrell, Brand Ambassador, Unclaimed Baggage Center
  • Joyce Bulifant, actress & author, My Four Hollywood Husbands
  • Marion Ross, actress & author, My Days: Happy and Otherwise
  • Sandi Harding, General Manager, Blockbuster Video
  • Douglas Bevans, CEO, Hot Dog Water

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