QGoLive Integration with Burli
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ChiChi Liu
QGoLive Integration with Burli
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QGoLive’s mobile App (iTunesGoogle Play) is a widely-used tool for doing high-quality live shots right off a mobile phone. It also includes scripting, recording and editing tools. Meaning reporters can optionally record their live hits, clean them up a little and file them for later use. Or they can build entire voicers, wraps or simple actuality right on their phones.

QGoLive users can now send their content directly into Burli’s newsroom systems with the click of a single command.

Both Burli Newsroom and Burli NE ingest QGoLive material and make a new story out of it.  The QGoLive stories appear alongside other incoming sources and can immediately be used in news production.

In effect, QGoLive has become another field recorder and editor for Burli.

The QGoLive features are available in Burli Newsroom version 233q and later and Burli NE version 11.4.31 and later.

The good folks at QGoLive have created a simple tutorial on how to file into Burli.

If you have any questions or are interested in how Burli works with QGoLive, or how to configure it in your newsroom, please get in touch!

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