New Way For Radio Talent to Be Discovered

One of the biggest issues for radio stations or broadcast companies today finding great talent. Everywhere I go, I hear the same thing:

There’s nobody out there. Where are all the personalities?

Yet, there’s more great talent than ever. Many are on the beach looking for an opportunity.

I talk to them every day. They can’t find the next gig.

That’s why we created a new service for radio: The Media Talent Pool.

It’s perfect for air talent, producers and program directors looking for that next gig.

Maybe you’re just graduating from school and looking for a big break or maybe you’re stuck in a station or market and you know you’re ready to move up but you can’t find the right thing. Or maybe you’ve been downsized and become discouraged with the options.

You need to be discovered. Since launching this fall, four radio pros have found their next gig. Every day, broadcasters are finding new prospects they can’t get through blind box ads and job postings.

The Talent Pool Is Free

The talent pool is a free service for the radio industry. It costs nothing to post a listing or be discovered by stations who have openings.

It’s easy to use. Just go to There’s a link to be listed, and another link for companies looking to find talent.

There’s also a collection of resources to help make a better impression when chasing down a gig, including a terrific Get That Gig webinar on demand. All are free. Click here for the free tools.

Some have asked whether a current employer might see their posting. Of course, there is that risk. The Talent Pool is open to all. However, if you wish to reduce that exposure, just let me know when you send materials and only clients of Tracy Johnson Media Group will see your listing. I can’t guarantee you will remain anonymous, but it will help.

Broadcasters Using the Pool

This collection of radio pros is a service to the radio industry to offer a way for talent to be discovered and for broadcasters to identify and recruit quality personalities, producers and programmers.

It’s easy to sort, scan and find qualified talent in one location.

Here’s a short video that explains how it works.

Let me know how you like the Talent Pool and how it can be better for your purposes.


By Tracy Johnson

Recognized as one of America’s most innovative radio programmers and managers, Tracy Johnson’s broad background in traditional and digital media spans more than 25 years and has influenced hundreds of radio stations, programmers and personalities. 

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