Every Radio Should (and CAN) Generate New Revenue With This Idea

Every radio manager is looking for a new revenue stream. Every PD is trying to find ways to increase visibility and presence. And every promotion manager is desperate for finding ways to build a deeper brand with the station fanbase. And it’s never been easier to leverage your brand with merchandising.

Iconic brands with loyal followers increase their presence and generate huge profits through merchandising. Fans will pay to show off what they’re most passionate about.

  • Many bands make more money from the sale of t-shirts, hats, and other items than concert ticket sales.
  • A popular sports team generates tens of millions of dollars selling merchandise with their logo on it.
  • Nike has turned its familiar swipe logo into a fashion statement that justifies higher prices for its sportswear.

And now, it’s fast, easy, and costs nothing to get into merchandising your brand.

Merchandising Your Radio Station

For the past few months, I’ve been working with digital marketing company WP Hatch to create, manage, and handle all details for online merchandise shops for a few select consulting clients. The stores have been wildly popular, and the company is now extending its Radio Swag Shop services to all radio stations. And they’ve figured out the perfect model for radio brands.

  • There is no cost to the station. Ever. No setup fee. No management fee. Not even online hosting costs. It’s free!
  • The company handles all details, including fulfillment, customer support, payments, and inventory management.
  • Setup is fast. Fill out a simple form online, upload your artwork, and your store will be open for business in 48 hours.
  • Payments for profits generated are sent at the end of every month with a full accounting of sales.

There are dozens of products to choose from. Not surprisingly, face masks and neck gaiters are among the best-selling items so far.

But Will Anyone Buy Your Stuff?

Yes, they will. A recent Jacobs Media study shows that nearly 1 in 4 listeners would be interested in purchasing station branded merchandise.

Get details on the full report here. Another 27% say they might be interested. That’s significant.

And there are other benefits:

  • Create product variations. You can have a product for the station, morning show, or a popular feature. Or, start a series of special event items. A catchphrase from the morning show can be on hoodies and hats in just a few hours. It’s fast and easy to add a new product.
  • Some stations reinvest profits from sales to fund inexpensive on-air giveaways.
  • Two clients look at this initiative as promotion more than profit and are donating proceeds to their station charity/cause to drive more sales.
  • Items can be co-branded with advertisers and sponsors to generate non-spot sales. You could even set up and manage a shop for advertisers and partners to sell their merchandise through Radio Swag Shop.
  • Purchase affordable products for your employees and team to wear at events and promotions.

Some forward-thinking stations are already setting up Holiday-themed stores and designing new products for both branding and revenue purposes.


From traditional items like t-shirts and coffee mugs to today’s hottest products like face masks and neck gaiters, it makes sense for stations to look into Radio Swag Shop. Merchandising your logo and brand is a great way to connect with fans and could become a valuable source of new revenue.

And with this model, there’s nothing to lose, and much to gain.

Get details on setting up your shop here. Check out the Free Beer & Hot Wings shop here.

Interested? You should be. There’s no reason to not have a branded merchandise store available for fans.


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By Tracy Johnson

Recognized as one of America’s most innovative radio programmers and managers, Tracy Johnson’s broad background in traditional and digital media spans more than 25 years and has influenced hundreds of radio stations, programmers and personalities. 

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