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The Airchecker Radio Journey Series – Tom Mcgouran
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For as long as he can remember, Tom wanted to be on the radio. To pursue that end, Tom attended Seneca College in Toronto for Radio and Television Arts. Of course, he didn’t spend much time in class, but camped in the college radio station, getting on the air as often as possible.

Near the end of the two-year course, he sent out roughly 150 tapes across Canada and ended up with a gig at a new classical music station, CFMX-FM in Cobourg, Ont, having lied about knowing anything at all about classical music! After begging for a chance, he ended up doing the midday show at their sister station, CHUC, a few months later.

Tom continued to send out tapes, and eventually landed at CFMC-FM, a rock station in Saskatoon. Rock radio! Where he’d always wanted to be! After a couple of years there on afternoon drive, he got the call from Q94 to come to Winnipeg. This was short-lived, as he was soon hired to do middays at the new 97 Kiss FM, where it really all began.

I knew I wanted to be a radio personality from the time I was little tyke growing up in Toronto, listening to the radio during breakfast before school, that my Mom had tuned to


I can remember thinking ‘yeah that’s what I want to do’! And so the journey began.

After attending Seneca College for what was called Radio and Television Arts at the time, and spending countless hours on the campus radio station, I sent out about 200

Audition tapes(mini reel to reel format back then-circa

1979). I remember receiving about 25 ‘thank you’ letters,and one job interview!

It began at CFMX in Cobourg, Ontario. A brand new ‘Classical’ music station! I didn’t know anything about Classical music, but I didn’t care. They gave me a chance to sit behind a microphone and I grabbed it!

That led to picking up shifts on CHUC their AM sister and I was on my way. The journey would take me to Saskatoon next at Stereo 103(now C-95) It was an independent Rock station! I had arrived at the format I’d work in for pretty much the rest of the journey! I really found my ‘voice’ in Saskatoon and had a blast doing the afternoon drive show for 2 years. Winnipeg beckoned next where I was fortunate enough to grab a midday shift at 97.5 Kiss-FM(now Power 97). The station had just flipped format from Country.

It took sometime to develop but eventually became the number one Rock station in Winnipeg. It was here I got hooked up with my first great morning show partner, Larry Updike. Larry and I enjoyed a great run of many years, beers, laughs and success.

We were eventually lured over to 92 Citi-FM where we also rocked for many years.

After an ill-fated move to CFMI Rock 101 in Vancouver in 1994(8 months, one book, fired ha ha!!), Larry and I ended up returning to Winnipeg at different stations. I returned to 92 Citi-FM and was then joined by my second great morning partner, Joe Aiello. Once again we were lucky enough to be successful for what was to become an almost 20 year run.

As we’re all aware of in our business, eventually everything comes to an end. In Sept of 2012, I was given the familiar manila envelope and shown the door. I had a non-compete for 18 months, so had some time to catch up on some early morning sleep for the first time in many years. I assumed I’d land somewhere fairly quickly after that, but I would find out I was dead wrong!

What followed was a really tough 3 years of trying to get back ‘In’!! I wasn’t done! I wasn’t prepared to move on! I loved every minute of every show I had the pleasure of doing, and wanted to continue doing it! And like most of us claim(and it’s true for me!) I had no other skills ha ha!!

This part of the journey was the most difficult, frustrating and humbling experience of my career.

Luckily it didn’t end there! Almost 4 years to the day I was let go at 92Citi-FM, I was given a chance to return to what I love doing at 94.3 The Drive, Winnipeg’s Greatest Hits! I have to say, I’m having the time of my life co-hosting the Tom and Kerri Morning Show at an awesome company(Pattison), with a fantastic group of people. I was

lucky enough to be offered a multi year contract and have found my new home!

I’ll include a couple of current breaks so you can hear what we’re up to every morning now in Winnipeg at The Drive. I hope you enjoy it! And, of course you can always check us out anytime at!

I can’t conclude this story without noting the many ncredible mentors who have shaped my career.They include Peter Grant, Ross Winters, Ford Gardner and Gayle Zarbatany! I can’t imagine anyone being as lucky as I have been to have had the opportunity to have these incredible people supporting and teaching me over the course of my career! Each of these relationships started with a mutual ‘passion’ for producing great radio and developed into some of the greatest professional and personal relationships of my life.

Well there’s the Journey….so far!!
My Radio Journey- Tom McGouran.



The Airchecker Radio Journey Series – Darren Worts MY96 Medicine Hat
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Airchecker’s Radio Journey Series. This is where we throw out the Q’s get the talent to tell the journey. This is the journey of Darren Worts MY96 Medicine Hat.

“I am a man of very few needs: Radio, Video Games & Movies. A self-proclaimed geek, and a few other probably say it as well, I love to bring humor and ridiculousness to every scenario. While my stint in radio only began in 2013, I have had incredible success with voice over/voice acting and my journey, while amazing, can’t be summed up as “Run-of-the-mill.” While great memories lie behind me, the real adventure is ahead and I can’t wait to see what is in store!”

The Radio Journey Series – Kevin Getz – Virgin Radio 94.5 Vancouver
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Whitby’s Andy Merey On Canadian Rock’s ‘Original Six | The Radio Jocks Who Helped Launch Rock ‘N’ Roll
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By Andy Merey Durham Region

The recent death of former disc jockey Pete Nordheimer brought to mind that, as a result, another glorious phase of early Canadian music history became sealed forever.

Nordheimer was the last surviving jock out of six who had held the envious position of ushering in full-time Top 40 rock and roll to CHUM radio in Toronto. It happened on May 27, 1957 under the auspices of owner Allan Waters. CHUM went on to be one of the most successful leaders of AM radio during the heyday of early rock music.

The six personalities were ‘ready at the gate’ but not exactly thrilled by this new tidal wave of popular music, being more comfortable in big band or easy listening music circles. For this very reason, they didn’t last long before passing the musical torch to more robust, younger, up-and-coming announcers like Dave Johnson, Mike Darow, John Spragge, Al Boliska, Bob Laine and many others. But, just the same, they did a great job in the transition to rock and roll.

CHUM radio was my constant companion back then. I clearly remember snippets and songs broadcast on CHUM as if they played out just a few minutes ago, like the particular moment Pete Nordheimer announced the next record to be played on his show. It was Hey, Look Me Over by Pete King Chorale and it has stuck in my memory to this day.

The original six were:

• Phil Ladd. Died late 1960s. (on the air 6 to 9 a.m.). Ladd had the honour of kicking off the day by playing the first record in the new format, All Shook Up by Elvis Presley. Ladd left in October 1957 to pursue other ventures. For a while he managed the recording and touring career of rock and roll singer Clyde Stacy, who had scored, among others, with the song So Young (1957).

• Harvey Dobbs. Died 1984 at 72. (on the air 10 a.m. to noon). Dobbs started as an announcer in 1929 in Montreal. He came to CHUM in 1949 and by February 1959, he moved on to other branches of broadcasting at the station.

• Josh King. Died 2006. (on the air noon to 1 p.m.). A veteran of CHUM, he stayed until January 1958.

• Phil Stone. Died 2008 at 94. (on the air 2 to 5 p.m.). Another CHUM veteran who left the airwaves in 1959, replaced by Mike Darow. Stone quit the CHUM organization in 1966 to work as a Humber College teacher. In 1972, he established the radio course at Humber.

• Pete Nordheimer. Died 2015 at 93. (on the air 5 to 7 p.m., 10:30 p.m. to midnight, 1 to 4 p.m.). Ironically, Nordheimer was the last of the six to work for CHUM into the 1960s, even though he had expressed his dislike for rock and roll. Mind you, during that time, a rock and roll play list could easily mix with easy listening/pop music genres. Nordheimer was married to Betty Campbell Nordheimer, the love of his life, for 72 years.

• Hank Noble. Died 1998. (on the air midnight to 6 a.m.). Besides performing his duties as the all-night host at CHUM, Noble, who was also a country/rockabilly singer, nailed a great bona fide rocker called Here Comes The Night in 1957. In January 1958, Noble said goodbye to CHUM for good.

For more information, visit Rock Radio Scrapbook at

Andrew Merey is a Whitby resident who’s interested in music and movie history. He has contributed articles to This Week since 2003. You can reach him at .

Pirate radio station prompts residents to call the feds
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WEST PRICE HILL, Ohio (Angenette Levy) — There’s a new radio station on the west side but it’s not licensed and the vulgar language in the rap music has residents calling the feds. No one knows who is operating the pirate radio station but it can be heard in West Price Hill, North Fairmount and Westwood. Tuesday night, June 30, and Wednesday afternoon, July 1, rap music from the group The Geto Boys played.

So you want to be a DJ by Chuck McCoy
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So you want to be a DJ
by Chuck McCoy via Broadcast Dialogue.

Fifty years ago yesterday, July 1, 1965, my boyhood dream from 10 years earlier became a reality. Even in the fourth grade I just knew that somehow I was going to be on the radio. Miss McCauley, my teacher at the time, asked, “Now, Mervyn (the name I used back then), what do you want to be when you grow up?”

“When I grow up,” I said, “I want to be a radio DJ.”

Wise beyond her 18 years, Miss McCauley looked down at me and said, “Well, son, you can’t have both.”

She was right. I’ve been a DJ and growing up is still a work in progress.

But why radio?

Early on, I was a goofy Winnipeg kid who’d go to the library and take out books on broadcasting, bring them home, hide them under my mattress and read them late at night under the covers with a flashlight. Playboy didn’t have pictures of DJs to look at.

I followed radio station remote broadcasts whenever I could. One day, on my way home from school for lunch, the new IGA store on the corner was having a grand opening. Sitting in the parking lot was a real radio station in a big trailer surrounded by glass. The station’s sound through the speakers was so loud that I could hear it at home where I was wolfing down my sandwich. With that accomplished, I raced out the door and zipped back to the corner.

With 40 minutes before the bell and a 10-minute walk to school, that gave me a half-hour to just stand there and watch, awestruck by these very cool, smooth-talking men reading commercials, doing the weather and introducing music. I was eight years old trying very hard to look cute and it worked. The radio men asked me if I wanted to come into the trailer.

Were they kidding me? Of course I wanted to go into the trailer!

This was going to be my first visit to a real radio station and I jumped at the chance, peppering them with questions and saying that one day I’d be just like them on the radio. One announcer asked if I’d like to read a commercial live on the radio.

Oh my God, would I!

But if I stayed to read the spot, I’d be late for school. Easy decision; I read a 30-second commercial for Swift’s Premium Franks. My head was in the clouds. I was actually on the air.

My mother, besieged with calls from her friends spilling the beans about hearing me on the radio when I should have been in school, was waiting when I got home. I was sent to my room to consider my error in judgment. But all I could do was dream about the wonderful moment that afternoon and how I knew then that this was only the beginning.

Like so many radio veterans, I started by playing radio with a record player, a tape machine, a microphone and a speaker. Two of my friends across the street were into it as well and we’d play with equipment set up in their garage with a speaker hanging on the door sending our fake radio station out into the back lane. The two kids who played fantasy radio with me also went on to broadcasting careers. John McQuaker was with CBC farther west and Roger Currie had a long and successful career in morning radio at CJOB Winnipeg.

I grew up with 58 CKY Winnipeg, 50,000 watts of great Top 40 music and I didn’t think there could possibly be a station better or more exciting. But then, on a summer trip to Toronto with my family during my teenage years I heard 1050 CHUM, Toronto’s big Top 40 station, and it was like nothing I’d ever heard before. I fell in love.

“This Is Where I Have to Work, I Just Have To!”

I asked my parents to drop me in front of CHUM on Yonge Street and pick me up later. I just stood there on the sidewalk staring in the window that went through to the announce booth where the DJ was doing his show. I had a transistor radio and I listened to this very cool guy playing great CHUM music and jingles for about 30 minutes. To my shock, surprise and delight he waved me into the building, took me into his announce booth, introduced himself and gave me a quick rundown of how they did it at 1050 CHUM. I was able to stay for 15-20 minutes, watching him cue the operator for the music, open his mike and do some CHUM music intros, chat with listeners on the phone and simply do his DJ thing. God, this was so glamorous. This was a life changing moment for me. Now I KNEW I just had to be a CHUM DJ. My future was now in focus.

I should thank that kind DJ who took this kid off the street into CHUM and put the stars in my eyes. I do thank you, Duff Roman.

While waiting for my big break I sold aluminum windows door-to-door, drove a half ton truck and sold shoes for Agnew Surpass at Winnipeg’s Polo Park. All the time I was trying to connive my way into any radio station. I even took a broadcasting course in a local radio announcer’s basement.

As luck would have it, a friend had a connection at CKY-FM which, at the time, played show tunes and classical music. It’s now CITI-FM. A good word was put in for me and bingo, I snagged a part-time job. Unlike CKY-AM, there was no talking over the music intros. Our entire DJ yak was limited to a twice-hourly insert: “CKY-92.1 FM time”. For variety we added “CKY-92.1 FM temperature”. While I couldn’t do my best rock jock chatter I could watch through the glass across the hall at Daryl B playing the Fab 50 while I did my boring FM shift. But hey, I was getting closer. I had a real radio job (part-time) and getting paid a buck an hour.

On July 1, 1965 I got first broadcasting pay-cheque, $5 for five hours work. I never cashed that check and for the past 50 years I’ve kept it close by at my desk.

Working at a classical music FM station in 1965 when Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones was rockin’ the 50,000 watt AM airwaves meant I still had a long way to go. I sent out tapes and resumes to every station in existence. Most didn’t reply. Those which did weren’t interested in hiring an inexperienced kid. But I was encouraged by the rejections. Imagine, people who worked at legitimate radio stations in such places as Kitimat and North Battleford were actually putting a stamp on a response and mailing it to me!

I was on my way for sure.

In 1965 a man named Bill Grogan was appointed program director of CKY-AM. He’d been working at CKY on-air, had seen me around and knew I worked at the FM station. So I thought he’s new to the PD position, why not hit him up for a job? All he knew was that I was in the building and that I was blessed with a decent radio voice. I took advantage of one of my off days from the shoe store and scheduled a time to meet with him.

Training, experience, hard work and talent are the cornerstones to success. But, you also have to be a bit lucky. I wrote down some of the stations that rejected me and told Grogan I was looking at some job offers from them.

Hey, these stations had been in contact with me and who knows? A job offer could be coming.

Here’s where I got lucky. There’d been a fire at the AM transmitter and the engineers were heading out there every weeknight from 1:00 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. and the station had to be off the air while they worked. Someone had to sit with an off-air station for five hours in the middle of the night. The only live portion was the hour after Midnight and a half-hour before the morning show. Grogan asked me to do it. “I’ll be listening, he said. “I have an opening for an all-night DJ in September. You can consider this your live audition.”

The next day I was nervous, worrying about how bad I sounded, how green and inexperienced I really was and hoped the PD would let me down easy. I went to the station after lunch knowing that Grogan would give me a lengthy critique. But before even sitting down he surprised me with, “I liked what I heard this morning; the all night show is yours in September if you’ll work for $350 a month.”

How good is that? My first time on the radio and he said he liked what he heard. I sometimes wonder how much he really heard. I was 18. I was about to be full-time jock on CKY Winnipeg beginning in September. Life was good!

Between my hiring and September I was given some weekend summer shifts which allowed me to become a bit of a hero to my teenage pals at the lake. They’d call from the pay phone up there and I’d play their songs and give them shout-outs (called dedications back then).

And so began my 50-year journey of love for the magical medium of radio.

Chuck McCoy of Chuck McCoy International Media Services can be reached at

The Radio Journey Series – Dylan Black Ottawa, Canada
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Dylan Black

Dylan Black

Airchecker goes coast to coast with radio air talent. AC profiles Dylan Black based out of Ottawa,Canada. Have a listen to Dylan Blacks demo.

BOOM 99.7

Originally from Vankleek Hill, Dylan has been part of the Ottawa radio landscape since 1999. Having hosted top rated shows on KOOL FM 93.9,

Majic 100, 580 CFRA, Virgin Radio, 101.9 DAWG FM and 106.9 The Bear. Dylan is currently heard on BOOM 99.7. You may also recognize him from
television! Dylan has been a fixture on telethons in support of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and the University of Ottawa

Heart Institute. He also serves as a host on “Rogers Daytime” on cable 22. Dylan is also a professional Ring Announcer for pro wrestling and MMA events.

Dylan has also MC’d major concerts, charity and community events. His first MC gig was a Britney Spears concert at the then Corel Centre in 1999!
He has also interviewed many top musicians, celebrities and public figures. Dylan is a champion in our city as well, having supported The Children’s Wish Foundation, Movember and the Max Keeping Fund at C.H.E.O. to name a few. Tens of thousands of dollars have been raised due to his efforts. He also strongly believes in the blood donation process, having donated whole blood over 60 times!

Dylan is a three time “Ottawa’s Favorite Radio Host” nominee through Faces Magazine, having won the title twice. Through the same publication, he has nominated for Ottawa “Humanitarian of the Year” twice. In 2014 Dylan was also nominated for a Best Ottawa Business Award in the “Community Booster” category.

The Radio Journey Series – MichaelJohn Phoenix, Arizona
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Airchecker The Radio Journey Series with young gun MichaelJohn based out of Phoenix, Arizona. As a 20 year old Michael tells us his journey over the last four years of his passion to work in the industry. The Radio Journey series goes unedited we get the air talent to describe the journey as they see it. We ask no questions. This is the journey of MichaelJohn. Who’s career is just beginning. You can feel the passion that we all have for the love of radio.

I’m MichaelJohn a Radio Personality Originally Born and Raised in South Jersey,NJ /Philadelphia,PA but now live in Phoenix,AZ. My love for Radio started way back when I was born in 1994. My mom and dad would always have the radio on this being back in my hometown hearing legendary Philadelphia Radio stations 98.1 WOGL, 102.1 WIQQ and 93.3 WMMR.

I wanted to do radio because it just interested me so much.I love listening to radio. I would dream about hearing myself on the Radio all the time. In June 2011. I was presented with the chance to be on the radio here in Phoenix through a Technology School called EVIT( East Valley Institute Of Technology) On there Radio station (KVIT-FM) 90.7/92.7 The Goldmine/The Pulse In Mesa, AZ 25 minutes outside Phoenix. Starting in June 2011. I learned how to do Promotions, Production and also how to do A On air show. I quickly rose through the ranks from doing a Sunday night Rock/Metal Voice tracked show. 8-10pm in June and July here learning how to have good on air form/tempo and being able to understand how a radio show worked.

Then in September 2011. I earned a live Monday and Wednesday 9-10:30 am Live show. Here I learned how to use VoxPro, interact with listeners through social media and also how to have good show prepping skills. The proudest moment of mine was being able to not only be herd back home in my hometown on radio from here in Phoenix but also to have my dad on a show with me during this time. In March 2012 I was given a chance to have a daily Monday-Friday VT show 10:30am-12pm where I was on every day here in Phoenix market and I was able to really improve my skills not only on air but on production as well. Doing all this while only 17 years old and still in high school as well. I would do this show till May 2013 when I graduated from the Radio program at EVIT and also from My high school. I did more radio work for the Evit station from October 2013-July 14 doing a 2 hour 9-11pm Voice tracked Tuesday show.

I enjoy talking and living the radio life. Why I enjoy meeting and talking to radio people all over the USA and Here in Canada. My Formats of Expertise and also the formats I worked at are CHR,Top40,EDM/Dance and Urban/HipHop.

Radio saved me from not having a career and also kept me on the straight path when times got tough. Advice I was given. Always live by is. Never give up and always try hard,don’t be afraid to fail because you can learn from your mistakes and get better from there. This has been mu journey so far.

Before I talk to much which I plus most Philly/South Jersey NJ people do. I will end this radio journey by saying/ Radio is a COOL job. A career I hope continues for a long time.

Now I split my time between attending Mesa Community College for a associates degree in audio production and music business and also doing Free lance Radio work,Commercials,Voice Over etc. I hope to find a on air radio position soon in Phoenix.AZ. Pretty cool to be 20 almost 21 years old and have 4 years radio experience. I started when I was 16 in June 2011.

This is my journey so far. Thanks for listening.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter @michaeljohnroach

Instagram @MichaelJohnRoachRadio

The Radio Journey Series – Rod MacBeth
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Welcome to Airchecker’s Radio Journey Series. AC gets the air talent to describe the radio journey in their own words. AC asks no questions. Talent can either do a audio biography spoken word post or written word.

This is the journey of Rod MacBeth who is the current morning man at CKPM in Port Moody, BC. Rod has never taken a broadcasting course. In the 80′s Rod was a long haired rocker who’s dream was to work in rock radio. Macbeth was often seen carrying records with him dressed in black leathers. A natural really given he had a so called radio voice plus the drive to make it.

Rod will tell you the rest of the story.

My love of radio started at a very young age. There was always a radio on somewhere. At home, at the grandparents, in the car. Music was a big part of my growing up. I used to think little people were inside the radio playing all the music live! I fell asleep with the radio on, under my pillow. I was excited when I could pick up AM radio stations from the south at night. I would drive up to the top of Cypress Mountain, just so I could tune in the American FM stations! I wanted radio!

The journey starts:
When I was in grade 12 at EP Scarlett in Calgary, I heard they had a radio club. I joined and from there I decided I wanted to be on the radio. I was excited! I told my dad that night at dinner. He looked at me and said “Don’t do it. It’s a waste of time”. I was heartbroken and asked him why. He said he’d had a guy that promised him the world…for a price. This was in the mid 1950′s. My dad gave him some cash and the guy disappeared without doing anything. It was a sore point with him. I found out years later that he had his radio name picked out “AM in the PM” but never got to live the dream (Angus MacBeth. I lost my dad in Jan. 2104)

I was encouraged to chose another career! That didn’t last long! After high school graduation, I moved back to the West Coast and some how got a gig working in bars and nightclubs.That started about a month after my 19th birthday. I still had the “Need” to be in radio. I was a huge CKLG FM/CFOX fan. I always had it on in my 1970 Mustang (with the Craig Power Boost speakers), had it on in the house, at work…everywhere I could! I dreamed about working at the Fox!
In 1980 I sent out my first voice demo (Me intrducing songs at the club I was working at) I sent the tape to Arnie Celsie at CISL. They had just opened up. I actually got a face to face with him, but no gig. He asked if he could keep the tape! I keep thinking it was so he could tell other announcers “What not to do” on a demo! Truthfully it was crappy, real crappy!

Rod MacBeth

Rod MacBeth

I’m not sure how it happened, but I became friends with Eric Westin at CFOX. Because of that I got to hang around there a lot. Eric helped me put together demos and put me in touch with Roger Kelly and Phil Kushner up at CJIV. Simon Fraser University radio! I got to play DJ! It was a start and we had fun!

One day I was playing a demo on the cassette player in the music library and Don Shafer heard a bit of it. He told me that he needed an “Op” and would I like the job. (Op would be Producer in today’s world) Ummm…Yes!!! I think my heart jumped out of my chest!!! This was the first step in “Living the Dream”.
The “Op” job meant being in the studios on Sunday mornings to run the CRTC mandated stuff. The classical music! Ugh! We had a bunch of 1/4 track tapes with classical music. We’d rotate through a bunch of tapes. Put them on the air, turn the volume down and sleep off a hangover! We’d have to rewind the show after it was done. Well, it turns out there was one tape that was not rewound! Because we kept the volume down we didn’t notice. One of the OPs got a call from a listener telling us he thought the music was backwards.

The Op gig also meant a chance to do other things and be included the Fox Family and the Moffat Communications family! Looking back, I think some of it went to my head! Haha! Typical young guy!

I spent as much time as I could at the station. I just wanted to be there! It was so cool! I learned as much as I could and probably annoyed a few people too! I’m pretty sure I gave Shafer a couple of grey hairs! Radio at 1006 Richards was the best! The on-air staff. The sales, copy, traffic and support staff were great! We had some of the best engineers! Greg, Helmut (Headgear) Bob, Colin. These guys were always on top of technology and to an extent ahead of the game!

I was lucky enough to move into the overnight shift! On-air in a major market!!!! Working for The Fox! From there I still did what I could and was available for anything! Promo, on-air…anything! Living on 4 hours of sleep a day!

I remember working a night shift and getting a call from whoever was supposed to be doing mornings saying they would not be in. I called the PD at the time, John Beadoin and told him. He said call this person and that person, if you can’t get a hold of them would I stay and do the morning show. So I picked up the phone to make the first call and thought “screw it”! I did not call anyone and got to play radio morning guy! John did not really care at the time. There was some major restructuring going on at the Fox. Larry and Willy were just days away from joining the station. So I took the opportunity!

Next I got an offer to do swing at CKXL in Calgary! So I took that. I am glad I did. I met two guys that changed my attitude and outlook! Matthew McBride and Gavin Tucker. CKXL was a little different. I got fired after about 8 months.

1984. Mike Levine of Triumph. Gold record presentation. L-R: Road manager, Karen Hewko(fox) Mike Levine, Shafe, Eric Westin, Jerry O'Day & Rod Macbeth!

1984. Mike Levine of Triumph. Gold record presentation. L-R: Road manager, Karen Hewko(fox) Mike Levine, Shafe, Eric Westin, Jerry O’Day & Rod Macbeth!

I moved back to the Coast and into promotions at The Fox. Did the cruiser stuff, wrangled the Fox mascot, Emcee’s concerts and events. Basically had a blast!

Next adventure? I had become friends with Ross Winters and he was offered the PD job at CITI FM in Winnipeg. He hired me to be the promo guy out there. That lasted for a while and I basically screwed up the gig. I missed the on-air stuff! I left! I moved across the hall to CKY. An oldies format that I seemed to fit right in with. We had a great crew!

I got restless and needed a change. I went from Polo Park to Portage Ave and 97.5. What a disaster that was! Dis functional! The only good part was Bro Jake!

I left Winnipeg and came back to the Coast. I got on with 93.7 JR FM, doing swing stuff and whatever else I could! I got called in to the GM’s office one day and was asked where I see myself in the future. I told him radio would be great! He said “There is not much call for a 35 year old mid-day guy”! I thought wow!!! Really!!? Iknew that my time there was limited.

I took a break from radio for 4 or so years. Then one day I was talking to Matthew McBride and was told they needed a PD in Terrace BC. I was lucky enough to land the gig. Not so much for my talent, but because they knew I would not quit on them. This was great, but kinda funny! I was working my way backwards. Usually you start in a small market and move into a major market, not the other way around! I learned stuff that I should’ve learned before I got into the Fox. I was finally getting some “Training”. I lasted 4 years up there. We ended up with 4 small market stations sounding like big time stations! Thanks to Tim Maclean, Matthew McBride, Stefani Webber, Paul Burke, Gareth Reid and others! We also had David Kaye’s voice!

I “retired” from radio in 2001. I got tired of the games, the blandness, the lack of creativity. Radio just lost it’s magic.

I moved into emergency services for a time. Still missed radio deep down. I always kept tabs on people in the biz. Kept in contact with others. I signed with a management company and got into TV/Movie/Commercial acting. Did some rodeo announcing. Played nightclub DJ…but still missed radio!

I kept in touch with Matthew McBride over the years. We talked and came up with a plan. I would do some VTs and voice work for him. In 2014, the morning guy left at 98.7 CKMP FM in Port Moody and I was brought in to do the gig. This is the start of another adventure! An independent station! Great music! A great attitude. I feel at home being back on the air.

Over the years I have met and worked with some incredibly talented people some are still in the game and others have moved on. I look back at the opportunities I’ve had. The ones I have created and the ones I screwed up. I am extremely lucky! I walked in to 1006 Richards Street with a dream and no formal radio training. Just a dream and a passion! I am now 55, with an 8 year old son and am living the dream

You can tune in Rod Macbeth weekday mornings. Monday – Friday, 6:00 to 10:00am 98.7 Tri-City Radio 98.7 in Port Moody,BC.

Rod MacBeth
Ordinary Average Guy
98.7 CKPM FM
Twitter: @Rod_MacBeth

“They may forget what you said,
but they will always remember how you made them feel”

The Radio Journey Series – Ted Bird
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Airchecker’s The Radio Journey Series.Ted Bird is a radio icon based in Montreal, Canada. He has won multiple Crystal, RTNDA and CAB awards. Bird walks us through his radio journey. He says never had the bug for radio and has milked the radio gravy train up until his 50′s. The radio world has changed. Bird is hoping the gravy will rise once again until he packs it in. On with the rest of the story.

Airchecker welcomes Ted Bird to RJS.

Living the dream video

Ted Bird Demo

You can talk to Ted Bird on Twitter @manofbird
Host on 89.9 KIC Country Montreal. Commentator for Sportsnet Central Montreal. Old school media guy in a new media world

The Radio Journey Series – Jimmy James Spencer
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AC gets the radio talent to tell the story of the radio journey. For the record this talent is for hire. Feel free to contact Spencer. We call it The Radio Journey Series.

Jimmy (James) Spencer. A former aspiring Rock God 85-98, A dancing man in a Bunny Suit 99-02 and current aspiring God of all Media From 03-Now. He’s been on the radio at..The Team 990 am (Now TSN Radio) in Montreal, CHOM FM also in Montreal, Mountain FM in Castlegar BC, YL Country in Peace River Alberta, and The Beat 92.5 again in Montreal.

He lives in a lovely apartment in the hipster enclave of the Plateau in Montreal with his Much more successful fashion designer Girlfriend, and a giant ball of furry lazy who appears dead 18 hours a day named daisy. He is also looking for a new gig after being victimized by some radio treachery. He can be reached at and or on twitter where he is @thejimmyspencer

The Radio Journey Series – Todd Hancock
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Todd Hancock is a BCIT radio graduate 1997. First radio gig was in Smithers,BC at BVLD radio or CFBV Cariboo Radio Network. Moving up to sister stations in Prince George CJCI Assistant PD/Afternoons. Evenings CIRX-FM Prince George.2001 mornings in Victoria’s CFEX.

Hancock paid his dues working his way to Vancouver landing morning fill in at CFOX 2002. The smooth communicator Hancock going on to A/D at CFOX until 2014. Due to radio restructure the rocker jock today finds himself unemployed in radio due to Corus radio cutbacks. Hancock is now doing voiceover work and podcasting.

This is The Radio Journey Series.Airchecker gets the air talent to talk the radio journey in there own words.

You can hear more of Todd Hancock on Twitter @TODDCastPodcast or visit his website

The Radio Journey Series | Taylor Daniels 95.3 The Peak Calgary
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Taylor Daniels

Taylor Daniels

Airchecker has interviewed the biggest air talent in Canada. Today we start The Radio Journey Series. AC gets the air talent to tell the story as they see it. We have asked the questions in the past now we give you full control of your story.

As a social networking site. AC is the most connected radio source in Canada. Our radio site is world recognized for what we do. I hope you enjoy the series.

First up is Taylor Daniels a young gun who hails from Richmond, B.C. Daniels at the age of 23 has moved up real fast in a short time.

30 years ago his father attended BCIT Broadcast and Media Communications program. Daniels tells us how his career path was a natural fit.Now working in Calgary at 95.3 The Peak.

New to the industry, this has been a whirlwind of a year, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! This is how my story begins:

What Started out as play by play commenting for the Douglas College Royals Varsity Baseball team; which I also had a scholarship for where I picked up “Rookie Pitcher of the year” – led me straight to the BCIT Radio Broadcasting the following year. My dad had taken the program 30 years before me, where he left to open up the biggest DJ Company in BC – Hot Wax Entertainment. I guess being around the entertainment industry from such a young age made it a no brainer decision.

From BCIT, I took it upon myself to get an internship with the #1 station in Edmonton – 102.3 NOW! Radio- where I got to learn from some of the best in the country both in the programming, and management departments. After graduating from BCIT I interned with what was then Virgin Radio Vancouver – Z 95.3 under APD/MD/ Midday Announcer Taylor Jukes and her Music/ Programming department.

Now with the education, and experience under my belt I accepted a position on Vancouver Island with The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group’s Island Division in Nanaimo working Production & Swing Announcer.

8 Short months later I applied and had been given the opportunity by the JPBG and PD Kath Thompson to Launch Calgary’s Newest Radio Station 95.3 The Peak as the first ever evening announcer where I am on-air weekdays from 6pm-10pm

So what was a short lived 8 month career in a medium sized market found me quickly entering the world of Major Market Radio, and I am happy to call Calgary home!

This is what I have done so far in my Radio story. Year 1 but I can’t wait to write the next Chapter! My journey continues.

Taylor Daniels.