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    I have talked about Airchecker Canada before and they do an amazing job of keeping everyone informed on the changes going on in the industry and it was pretty cool when they sent me an email this afternoon. I meant to post it sooner… my bad haha enjoy!

    “Radio is a dream job. Everybody wants to be on the radio. Reality is not all people can be on the radio. Your frustration is one shared by many who leave broadcasting school attempting to get first gig.

    BCIT has a great relationship with radio in getting grads the connection etc. Radio schools will take your money [with] no guarantees one [will] get a radio gig after graduating. A harsher reality is, in 2010 that more people are unemployed than [there] are jobs in the Canadian radio industry. You guys are applying for jobs and the talent pool is vast. Many stations due to economy have taken tools away from Program Directors. That means no money for evening shifts and behind the scene roles. Volunteer at your local community station; join the street team at your local radio station.

    A few pointers in assisting you. Very important you establish relationships with the people who hire air talent. Could be a GM or PD. Target a few stations you would like to work for and establish a relationship. Ask for a critique, hopefully you get honest feedback, tough love can break young broadcasters spirits. Program Directors listen to the first 20 seconds of your aircheck. Your demo must grab the PD’s attention off the bat. Best Stuff first. Demo tips.

    Have a telephone conversation with [the] PD, request informational meeting (go to station ask questions/advice) join social networking zones such as Airchecker. Connect with others who are in the radio industry. No real tricks in getting a job. Some are more talented that others they get snapped up first. Follow the basics of being creative, top-notch demo, relationships, persistence; social networking. These are just a few ideas for you. Always follow your dream don’t let anyone tell you it’s not possible. I recommend you do a lot of reading out loud and practice your craft. One never knows when the call is coming in. Many young broadcasters vent on radio message boards (do not do this) you will ruin your career before it starts. Canada is a vast country but the radio industry is small.

    I wish you all the best of success. Airchecker will provide a platform ”AUDIO FOR HIRE“ See our web for more details.

    Warmest regards,  Airchecker!”

    There you have it. Thanks Airchecker. Definitely contact Airchecker to get on the ‘Audio For Hire’ portion of their site. I did. Any bit helps right?!


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